Codford Books

Author Romy Wyeth

‘Sterner Days- Codford During the Second World War’ 1995 Bedeguar Books, Warminster
‘Poacher’s and Poisoned Owls- Tales of a Country Policeman’s Wife’ 1997 Rx Libris Press, Bradford on Avon
‘Warriors For the Working Day – Codford During Two World Wars ‘ 2002 Hobnob Press, Salisbury
‘The Book of Codford – from the Bronze Age to the Bypass’ 2005 Halsgrove, Tiverton
‘Swords and Ploughshares – Codford During the Twentieth Century’ 2007 Gemini, Codford
‘The Parish Church of St Peter, Codford- War Memorials’ 2012
‘The Men of St Mary’s & the ANZAC War Graves’ 2013

‘You Weren’t There to Hear, So I’ll Tell You’ – Life in the Wylye Valley at the end of the 20th Centuary written by the childen of Codford School 2000 Gemini, Codford Edited Romy Wyeth & Sue Mitchell

Author John Chandler

‘Codford – War and Wool in Wiltshire’ 2007 Phillimore & Co Chichester

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