The Tithe Map of Codford St Mary

The Tithe Map of 1839 for the Parish of Codford St Mary estimates the quantity in Statute Incasure of all lands amounted to 2,046 acres, 2 rods & 12 perches cultivated as follows:

799 acres, 1 rood & 3 perches of arable land
76 acres, 3 roods & 1 perch of meadowland
26acres, 24 perches as pastureland
14acres, 3 roods & 25 perches of downland
2 acres, 1 rood & 5 perches of woodland
95 acres of Glebe.

The field names are recorded as: Chitterne Clump, Cow Down, Honey Down, Little Down, Home Field, Stonehill, Sand Hill Field and Middle Field.

The value at this time of Imperial Bushels of the crop were as follows:
Wheat 7s ¼d, Barley 3s 11 ½d & Oats 2s 9d.

A sum of £345. 18s was allocated to be paid to the Rector of the parish, arising from all the parish lands except the Glebe, with a further £10 by way of rent charges paid to the Rector instead of the tithes from the Glebe lands when not in possession of the Rector himself. In 1839 the Reverend John Mountjoy Webster together with William Bennett, who farmed

Inclosures such as a house, buildings and a yard or a house and garden were called Homesteads.

Anthony Notley occupied 879 acres, 3 rods & 30 perches of land owned by Harry Biggs for £158. 10s. His fields were aptly named; Against The Hill, Above The Way, Below The Way and Higher Bottom.