Codford 1776 Milestone

    During the 1960s, workmen building the lay-by in Codford High
    Street, unearthed three large fragments of stone, which they
    intended to throw in their skip. One of the team recognised the
    decorative quality of the pieces and carted them off to his garden
    in Somerset where they resided for many years in an ornamental
    capacity. When he came to move house the pieces were offered
    to the local group of the Milestone Society. Their Chairman,
    Janet Dowding, together with other members purchased the
    stone and removed it to Janet’s house for safe storage pending
    repair and relocation to its original site. A bit of research soon
    established this to be the Wiltshire village of Codford. John
    Watts of the Salisbury and Wiltshire Milestone Group moved the
    pieces to Codford where Alec Thomson arranged the repair with
    Alasdair Rennie and his highly skilled team from the Coade
    Workshop in Wilton.
    The Milestone is one of the first generation erected in the 18th
    century, when the first turnpike roads were being laid out. The
    old road through Codford was part of the Amesbury Trust,
    which was set up in 1762, just after the Heytesbury Road was
    turnpiked. The stone may have stood close to where the later,
    cast-iron milepost now stands, although an examination of the
    1773 Andrews and Dury’s map shows it to be standing on the
    north side of the High Street, west of St Peter’s church. The
    stone is Chilmark, some 86cm long, the lower 60cm of which
    would have been inserted into the ground. It averages about
    37cm in width and 18cm in depth. The top is shaped in a
    shallow triangle and the front two edges show signs of having
    been bevelled. The inscription is in capital letters, lower case
    and Roman numerals, about 7cm high, with the date given in
    modern (Arabic) numerals:
    The repair has been carried out, largely free of charge, with
    great skill and Alasdair Rennie has installed it not far from its
    original home some 50m west of St Peters church. Credit is due
    to a number of players:
    Douglas Roseaman and enthusiasts from the Milestone Society
    Codford Parish Council for support and funding
    Codford Local Historical Society for co-ordinating the project
    Alasdair Rennie and his team from Coade Workshop
    An unveiling ceremony is planned to thank all those involved.
    Watch out for dates.